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About Us

ArcBuilt & Industrial Group of Companies Ltd. has the capacity and capability to complete projects that serve the needs of Industry across several sectors. Our wide range of services include: engineering; steel fabrication; road construction; surveying; non-destructive examination and testing; environmental monitoring; hydro-vac; refueling services; mulching and clearing; industrial mat systems; first aid & safety training; camps & catering; and security services.

ArcBuilt engages Indigenous people in our partnership companies. Procuring contracts with Industry enables us to develop strong paths for training and employment of Indigenous workers directly with our partnering companies. We support strategies that help attract, develop and retain high-level talent – our workers are our most valuable assets.

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Our Services Are Based on Safety, Talent, & Productivity

Safety First

ArcBuilt Industrial’s first priority is to create and sustain safe and healthy workplaces.


ArcBuilt & Industrial attracts and retains high-level talent to its operations with an emphasis on engaging the local workforce.


We promote high performance, efficiency and quality workmanship in everything we do.


ArcBuilt develops partnerships which builds capacity and capability for engaging Indigenous people into industrial projects and businesses. From training and apprenticeship to employment, the partnership seeks to build long-term employment opportunities for Indigenous people.